Costume Design
One of the biggest challenges from the
beginning was how to create costumes from
the 1800's without spending very much

Patrick Dene and I did our best to research
and study the period, compiling artwork and

Then we mined the thrift stores to find
clothing that we could alter to fit the time

Patrick Dene:
"...Then  re-cut, restitch, tear and fray,
wrinkle, paintand/or splatter in
weathering/dirt/grime or blood effects."

Although I created a couple of the costumes,
including the dresses and accessories for
two of the main female characters , Patrick
was in charge of designing all of the
wardrobe for the extended characters and
ship mates for the production.
I constructed this dress out of a table cloth,  table
runner and sewing glue.  The underlying
structure is a black cocktail dress.
(c) All photos and content by Keith Wong  All Rights Reserved
Patrick Dene makes final adjustments as Jerry
Lloyd throws up gang signs.