Special Effects
To maintain a very low budget, I
needed to build miniatures to fill in
the backgrounds for the foreground

Many sets varied in size and most
were constructed out of foam core.

My cat Melvin makes himself
comfortable in the eating quarters. >
I didn't build this miniature!
It was on loan to me from
an FX house.
I sculpted this actor's head to be molded and cast
in silicone for the scene of his unfortunate demise...
Yes, I could have just molded his actual face but a
slightly, proportionately smaller mannequin head
was found at a thrift store with hair punched in that  
could be sculpted over instead of fabricating a full
head and buying an expensive wig that would need
to be cut and styled...  Cheap-O!
Pre-design for a creature
Some set ups for the miniatures required
minor camera moves so when the actors were
composited into the scene it would sell more
realistically and also make for a less static
shot.  Tracking programs solve everything!
When the professional make up materials
ran low during a shoot, 99 cent store cotton
balls dipped in liquid latex and 99 cent store
fake blood provided some meaty, gory
I sold my shoes to buy more foam core.
(c) All photos, designs and content by Keith Wong   All Rights Reserved